Cloud Bookkeeping


CM CPA is a firm comprised of a group of Chartered Professional Accountants that provide cloud based accounting services to clients in real time. With over 10 years plus of experience in accounting, bookkeeping, taxation and payroll services, we provide exceptional services to help your business flourish.


As a cloud based accounting firm, we use the latest web software and services so that our clients can have up-to-the-minute access to their accounting data whenever they want it. With CM CPA, all you need do is to get connected with us through the internet and we will do the rest.


At CM CPA, we also understand that cloud accounting is not for every business. We will take the time to communicate effectively and determine if the solution for your business is cloud based accounting. We offer a free one-hour consultation so we can analyze which accounting model is best for your business so that we can provide effective solutions.


Our Process:

We will send you a prepaid postage envelope and all you have to do is insert all your receipts, supplier invoices, payroll, statements, and mail it back to us.


We will then scan all your receipts, invoices, payroll, statements, and any other paper work on to our secure online portal so you can view them anytime. If you require, we can also send your receipts, invoices, payroll, and statements back to you.


We will take your documentation and complete your weekly or monthly bookkeeping, payroll, and financial statement preparation and you can view them online on our online portal at any time.


We have designed an easy and straightforward process that allows you to manage your business without having to worry or stress over about making sure your books are clean.